19 Less known Peachy Superfoods to add in winter smoothies

More and more people give in to healthy nuts, fruits and vegetables which come from exciting international destinations. It’s not for the taste but for the mega healthy ingredients they carry. Nineteen  known and less known Peachy superfoods to survive the winter.


Smoothies with superfoods
Blueberry Baobab Smoothie

Another awesome tree is the African baobab tree. The Baobab is one of the largest species, with a maximum age of 6000 years (!) You can understand that there is something inside that makes the Baobab so strong. The fruit of this tree that tastes like a combination of grapefruit, pear and vanilla is full of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and a fiber that slows down aging? promote digestion and strengthen the immune system.


Healthy winter smoothies
Matcha mango smoothie

Fan of green tea? Then matcha is your match made in heaven. Matcha powder is a kind of green tea, but only slightly different, it’s made of Japanese green tea leaves, which are initially dried and then pulverized. Matcha was used as a meditation drink by Buddhist monks some 800 years ago. Due to the amount of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and amino acids you get an energy boost, burn fat and reduce your cancer risk.


Healthy superfood winter smoothies with Pineapple Carrot Jicama and Celery
Pineapple Carrot Jicama Celery Smoothie

Is it a turnip? Is it an apple? Is it a potato? It is a root! The Mexican Jicama, also known as yamboon or Mecican jam has a sweet taste and is also another super healthy vegetable, The root vegetables are full of calcium, vitamin C, and inulin, a probiotic that promotes positive bacteria in the body. You can bake, cook or eat it raw and it has also a low calorie content.

Maharishi Amrit Kalash

Healthy winter smoothies
Cherry Chocolate Vanilla Amrit smoothie

In India one of the most commonly used medicines is the herbal paste Maharishi Amrit Kalash. With over forty different herbs and plants this paste is the source of antioxidants, vitamin C, beta carotene and vitamin E. Every morning, a half tablespoon of the paste would provide emotional balance, a better resistance and delay the aging process.


Healthy green superfoods smoothies
Pineapple Moringa smoothie

The Moringa Oleifera tree native to the Himalayas and also grown in the tropics, it’s also called the ‘miracle’ tree. This subtropical family of trees is used as a natural medicine cabinet and packed with nutrients including calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, sulfur and vitamin C, D, K and E. It is said that diseases can be cured (don’t depend on this one). Even more advantages: it provides strong bones, teeth, skin and nails.


Winter smoothies with super food
Strawberry Teff smoothie

In the category of “gluten-free” in the spotlight: Teff. This healthy North African plant that is something between grain and grass produces seeds with a nutty, sweet flavor and can be used as a substitute for all grains containing gluten. The advantage of teff is that they have more health benefits compared to other cereals. Teff, has high mineral compositions, primarily, iron, calcium and magnesium, essential amino acids and complex carbohydrates. The result: better endurance during exercise a longer full stomach. Ideal for sports enthusiasts who also love muffins.


Healthy superfood winter smoothies
Blueberry, Mulberry & Strawberry Smoothie

They taste delicious, have a crunchy bite, look adorable and above all are super healthy. In short, they are in all respects the ultimate super food. The dried mulberry is rich in iron, fiber, vitamin C, calcium, protein and antioxidant resveratrol. One serving per day through your smoothie, salad, yogurt or cake improves on long term your eyesight, lowers blood pressure and improves your resistance .

Kefir Milk & Water

Healthy winter smoothies
Strawberry kefir milk smoothie

As the winter is in its full and a cold or flu are lurking, kefir can be a smart move to help you with your flu and cold. Originally from Tibet the fat milk is bustling with probiotics. In other words, the good bacteria defeat the bad bacteria quickly. Kefir is made using kefir grains. By adding this to cow, goat, sheep, soy milk or water fermentation of a good dose of bacteria is created. Creating your own kefir is also a cheap and healthy option. Besides all the healthy bacteria, kefir is packed with protein, vitamins B and D, folic acid, niacin, calcium, iron and iodine.


Maqui berry smoothie superfood smoothies
Maqui Berry smoothie

The Maqui berry is the multitasking queen of the fruit. Not only contains South American wonder stuff eight different types of antioxidants, the maqui berry contains most of all antioxidants of all fruits. Say goodbye Goji and Acai. Maqui is your new best friend. She fights with her arsenal of antioxidants a litany of illnesses, such as cancer, heart and skin problems, Alzheimer’s and many more. Stir a teaspoon of powder through your juice, yogurt or soup and you’re in good hands!


Superfood smoothies the buckwheat smoothie
Buckwheat smoothie

Gluten free people beware! Buckwheat makes all your dreams come true. This “pseudo cereal” works just like any other grain and makes delicious breads, muffins, noodles, blinis you name it. But, buckwheat seeds are two to three steps ahead of their colleagues. First, your blood sugar rises slowly after eating a product with buckwheat so you have less tension. Secondly, the flower of the seed has more antioxidants than other grains which has a positive effect on our blood vessels. And last but not least crack buckwheat, lysine and arginine, which provide a strong immune system and the repair of tissue, so perfect after a good workout session.

Activated nuts

Healthy superfoods smoothies for winter Banana smoothie
Activated Almond Banana Smoothie

Everyone knows that nuts are healthy, but the healthiest way to eat them is ‘activated’. Which means; let raw nuts (no salt & uncooked) soak in water and then bake them very lightly. Why? By soaking the nuts in the water the nuts prepare their healthful properties so that your body can absorb them better.


Vegetable smoothies
Vegetable sprout smoothie

Sprouts are the young vegetable plants that sprout from , grains, beans, legumes and various grasses such as barley grass and wheat grass. The sprouts contain large amounts of anti-oxidants, energy and nutrition to support the digestion. Sprouted millet, quinoa, broccoli and daikon radish provide the greatest health benefits. Buy them in the ready in organic shops or seed them yourself in a jar.

Barley Grass

Healthy superfood smoothies barley grass
Barley grass smoothie

It doesn’t sound so good, and actually the taste isn’t so good, but the benefits of barley make someone drink this stuff. This type of grain is great for weight loss and improves endurance. You can buy fresh barley or as a powder and mix it in your juice or yoghurt.


Known and less known superfood smoothies
Pomegranate smoothie

Delicious sweet and healthy too: the pomegranate, this cute fruit is packed with potassium and vitamin C, but especially polyphenols. These are anti-inflammatory ingredients and have a blood pressure lowering effect. Delicious as a snack or a in cocktail.

African mango

Healthy superfood smoothie African mango smoothie
African Mango smoothie

The African mango (it is not a real mango, but is so named because of its likeness) is a relatively unknown drupe and particular grows and is harvested in the rainforests of West Africa. The fruit itself is very healthy; especially the seeds in the fruit are hugely popular because of their health properties. These seeds increase fat burning and inhibit hunger, which then the body is forced to take on the fat reserves in problem areas such as the buttocks, thighs, hips and stomach. Just throw a spoonful of this magic powder into your yogurt or juice!

Royal Jelly

Fertility smoothie
Blueberry smoothie with royal jelly

Royal Jelly is the bee secretion is given to the queen bee to help take care of her people. As the queen can be 50 times older than the other bees it must be good. Sounds good or not? The jelly is naturally rich in protein, minerals, vitamins and amino acids. If you do not want to sit in a hive, you can also buy capsules with Royal Jelly.

MSM powder

Healthy winter smoothies
Superfood smoothies woth MSM powder

MSM is the biologically available form of sulfur. Sulfur? Yes, sulfur! This material is needed for many bodily functions. In our body sulfur plays an important role in the conversion of enzymes, amino acids, hormones and proteins. MSM is also called the beauty mineral. It causes hair and nails grow stronger and faster and that the skin remains resilient. MSM is also found in food, but unfortunately in small quantities. MSM powder is literally a solution to this problem; the powder can be very easily mixed through your smoothie or shakes.


Noni, dragon fruit, banana smoothie
Noni Smoothie

Noni berry is the fruit of the Noni tree that grows in the Polynesian islands, Southeast Asia and Australia. This is a still relatively unknown fruit which is rich in xeronine , a substance that is used to strengthen and revitalize. Noni strengthens the immune system, provides energy, improves your digestion and has a beneficial effect on aging.


Healthy new super foods to add to your winter smoothies
Green Apple, Pumpkin, and Quinoa (Replace for amaranth) Smoothie

Already a fan of quinoa? Also try amaranth, also known as the family of quinoa. It is not a type of grain, but a seed and is not only incredibly healthy but also tasteful. Amaranth includes vegetable protein, vitamins, fiber and a litany of minerals. The seeds are full the proteins that is also present in soybeans, but also magnesium, potassium, zinc, phosphorus, and vitamin B and E. Plus; amaranth is gluten free and you can do everything with it: baking bread, cooking or making soup or porridge.

Photo credit; Green Apple,Pumpkin and Quinoa, Noni Baobab  , Matcha Jicama , Amrit , Moringa , Mulberry, Kefir , Maqui , Buckwheat, Activated Nuts, Sprouts, Pomegranate, Royal Jelly, MSM

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